Why We Are Best?

Why We Are Best?

Tradition is the trademark of any nation. A country’s heritage is worth many treasures. Pakistan’s cultural heritage dates back to the dominance of the Persian language and royals, which was later adopted by us after independence in 1947.


Jeeva textile is an affordable brand line of clothing carefully manufactured with the idea of sophistication and heritage for both formal and informal unstitched men shalwar kameez wear. 

Jeeva textile is progressing to become a fast-growing national brand of Pakistan. We aim to provide quality fabric and service to our customers without a budget breakdown. We work hard and effective to make sure our brand is accessible to every social class in terms of money and comfort. Our specialty is our unique and fast services on national grounds.


Jeeva textile is a collection of pastels to vivid colors to suit each individual’s personality and taste with no compromise of quality. We aim to let you carry your heritage and culture with passion and style in every season and festive which you can get stitched in a variety of wash and wear fabric. We are intending to offer class and comfort respectfully to individuals of each region and beyond.

The color of floral may fade in autumn till spring for regenerating but our brand service can provide you the assurance of long-lasting color stay in every season. Our fabrics are one of the things you will not need to worry about in scorching heat of Karachi or cold breezes of the morning. We offer national attire in breathable, soft cotton, wash and wear collection ranges from traditional fabric to casual lawn, cotton, to festive and informal waistcoat, including latha soft and Egyptian cotton. 

Our fabric category includes:

  •       Roman boski with a combination of soft cotton and heavy fall, enriched with the texture of silk.
  •       Glamour premium provides you a warm and soft attire in winters with breathable fabric.
  •         Guliyan Chambray is a blend of soft and dense cotton manufactured especially for topical season suitability.
  •         Original Double Ghora Boski imported from china is our special masterpiece of pure silk for a luxury experience.
  •         The Grand is our winter collection entry manufactured with international standard quality of the warm and soft fabric.
  •         Karandi fabric maintains its place among unstitched shalwar kameez for men for its unique soft cotton specially manufactured for winters.
  •         Zaffran Goldline is our famous hit for all seasons and been a success for three volumes for its durability.
  •         British Wool is our classic two-tone warm fabric wash and wears for winters of all regions.
  •         Admire is our famous national fabric suitable and admirable for all regions of Pakistan.
  •         Adore another masterpiece of our international standard collection suitable for the topical season throughout all regions.
  •         Le livre is our star product for its durability and suitability through harsh winters and extreme heat.



We offer Jeeva textile’s loyal customers the loyalty they deserve!

Jeeva textile manufacture breathable fabric with long-lasting colors. Moreover, our clothing line is the only affordable brand that offers a warranty of 101 days for your convenience and ease. In a time period of three months and 11 days reach out to us with any complaint and we are more than glad to help you.

We deliver in 2-3 business working days but also care about the bur and shriek fabric on your purchase and promise to exchange it for anywhere in Pakistan. We also offer doorstep check-in for our Karachi customers, in case of any default you can return it right away and reach out to us.


With our classy collection let yourself portray an image of freedom, culture, patriotic sentiments and integrity.

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