Jeeva As A National Attire Brand

Jeeva As A National Attire Brand


Originated from the Indian subcontinent and after independence 1947 with slight changes and alteration as a national attire shalwar kameez has always had a strong foothold in the cultural society of Pakistan especially when it comes to Friday prayers or ceremonial events.

In this duo of two separate pieces together which is matched or contrast together, the shalwar is a style of loose trousers which is spacious at waist and thighs and at the bottom, it is narrowed down and meanwhile, kameez is a typically long shirt or tunic with loose-fitting that have slits at both sides from the waist down.

Shalwar kameez has varied and changed in style for men and women both throughout the decades but has always maintained its originality and is respected through the provinces of the country and also maintains its status internationally. Our national attire is so that anyone can feel comfortable in exploring their traditional persona. This traditional persona exploration often leads to the preference of Peshawari Chappals and Khussa and the richer side of men’s cultural cloths also includes sherwani, long vest, Kandahar or Jinnah cap. 


Jeeva textile takes pride in being the national brand of Pakistan. As a team of patriotic Pakistani, we aim to help and develop the local textile economy of Pakistan by offering an impressive quality of wash and wear unstitched fabric for men and hope to grow in a brand which will serve generations of the future through any and every unique spin of fashion. Jeeva textile to maintain the standard and originality of shalwar kameez is a manufacturer of seasonal fabric which is gladly sent out through all four provinces and its regions. 

Jeeva textile represents a brand of unstitched fabric so you can enjoy your style of embroidery and designs. 



As to speak as a national brand of Pakistan we are also extremely cautious about our customer services. Jeeva textile stands out among national brands for its affordability and an exceptional warranty. Yes! We offer a warranty of 101 days on our fabric and colors for 365days.

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