Zafraan Goldline

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Satisfying fabric!

Ordered Snow white 2x and received snow White 2x. Feels so relaxing and is a Summer variety!
* Looks Breathable for Summer
* Drape is very satisfying ( Urdu may fall kehty)
* Appears Premium
* Lightweight for summer
* Dissatisfied with 4.25 meter suit. Should increase to 4,5m at least.

At the end of the day, we all long for summer varieties to be "breathable", "lightweight", "cool", "non-allergen in summer" and above all "long-lasting" as we buy it from brands for these reasons! So, the review of how would the suit feel in real shall be written after wearing it multiple times. Right now the very look of it is amusing and satisfying based on the factors aforementioned.

I have very good experience in judging the quality of fabric especially if it is from a summer collection

Altho, I bought their cotton varieties but haven't put them on yet. So hope for the best!

Mateen Ahmad khan

The quality of fabric was acceptable, however, the measurement of each suit is somewhat insufficient due to varying height, body structure (build) i.e. lean, medium and heavy) and type of sewing that someone likes i.e. straight front & back patches or sewing in various patches (as we call them Tareez and very common in southern Punjab especially Multan area). Besides, someone may like to have similar cloth for matching summer waist coat.Therefore, it is recommended that you must add an option button for cloth measurement in meters where customer/buyer should be able to select 5 meters, 5.5 , 6 or even 7 meters of fabric. Lastly, if a person needs similar cloth for his child he should have an option to buy extra 3 to 4 meters fabric; and may not be compelled to buy a complete adult's suit.

Faiz Ahmed
It's a So Amazing Product 😍


Ghullam Almani

Wants pesrl white colour but shipped and delievered off white colour .This act is highly objectionable

Muhammad Ashraf Dahraj
Glorious Fabric

I used online order and found the fabric was outstanding and outclass but little expensive.